ISM Equity Crowdfunding Qualifications and Costs
  • ISM utilizes Title III's Reg CF of the JOBS Act to facilitate the raising of equity capital from the crowd for as little as $250 per investment.
  • We also provide coaching, mentoring, strategic partners, and promotional activities.
  • When a company is earning a million dollars a year or more in revenue, we prepare it to go public on our derivative-free, buy/sell-only, non-Wall Street stock marketplace at a fraction of the costs, a fraction of the risks, and all of the benefits that come with being a publicly traded company.
Equity Crowdfunding Qualifications & Costs
America’s Real Deal, an interactive, entertaining investment show for entrepreneurs, will provide national exposure for companies that have signed equity crowdfunding agreements with the Independent Stock Market (ISM). For a limited time, ISM cash and equity fees include airtime on America’s Real Deal.

This opportunity to receive funding is reserved for companies that are already generating income. ISM's business professionals mentor these companies and ISM provides them with strategic partners. ISM's partners create SEC regulated equity crowdfunding offerings, then posts the campaigns on an SEC/FINRA approved funding platform. ISM then promotes the campaigns and its partners manage the capital raises and the investors.

Here are the qualifications and costs for participating with ISM within its equity crowdfunding model:
ISM's Equity CrowdFunding Qualifications & Costs:
After you apply, we will set up a conference call to answer any questions you may have and discuss next steps.
  • Receive Approval from Majority Shareholders:
    Once you have the approval of all of the majority owners of your company to raise capital from the crowd, ISM will streamline the process through its online investment platform.
  • Consistently Earn Monthly Revenue:
    Investors want to know that your company has already had some success and is consistently earning revenue. They want to feel confident that you know what you're doing. Earning revenue helps provide investors with the confidence they need to invest.
  • Have a Legitimate Need for Capital:
    Investors want to know what you plan on doing with the money you're requesting. If they think your plan has the potential to increase the value of your stock, chances are they'll invest.
  • Be Willing and Able to Pay ISM's Cash & Equity Fees:
    ISM's cash fees for equity crowdfunding are $5,000 a month for six months, then $1,000 a month thereafter. Other fees include 5% equity ownership in the Company, and 3% of the amount of capital raised paid to ISM's funding portal partner.

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